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2018 Rules and Registration Forms 
TRF LIONS CLUB 13th ANNUAL FISHING TOURNAMENT                          NOTE: NEW MN NORTHERN PIKE RULES are in place and must be followed
AUGUST 18, 20189 am-5 pm (mandatory rules meeting 8:30am)

There will be a MANDATORY rules meeting at 8:30 am sharp in the Huck Olson Arena.

Tournament boundaries will be approximately 100 yards north of Ditch 20 on the Thief River, approximately 100 yards east of the Highlanding Boat Landing on the Red Lake River and approximately 100 yards south of the St. Hilaire boat landing (in park). If in this stretch there are any creeks, streams, drainage, or any other tributaries, you will be allowed to fish no more than 100 feet past the mouth of that tributary.  

There will be a MANDATORY rules meeting at 8:30 am sharp in the Huck Olson Arena. You must be checked in and present at this meeting or you will not be able to participate in the tournament. To check in, you must show your valid 2018 Minnesota Fishing License.

Anglers are encouraged to fish from shore; however there will be a limited number of boats allowed in the tournament. Anglers wanting to use a boat must purchase a tournament boat permit for $5.00. Boat permits are only available at Ace Hardware in Thief River Falls. Boat permits can only be purchased if a regular tournament ticket is purchased first. Boat permits will be limited to 75 and will be on a first come, first serve basis. Boat permits must be used on all motorized and non-motorized boats, including but not limited to: canoes, kayaks, inflatable rafts, etc. There will be tournament officials’ at all public landings within the tournament boundaries to insure that everything is done in an orderly and civilized manner. Boaters will be allowed to use other means of entering the boat into the water such as sliding down the bank to save on water driving time. Boat check in time is 7:45 am sharp and will be done in a drive-thru fashion on the west end of the Huck Olson Arena. Boats will be checked in and inspected for aquatic vegetation and exotic species per the Minnesota DNR Regulations. Also, coolers and other items will be checked. All boats will be given two numbered decals and must have one on each side of the boat affixed in plain sight. Once boats are checked in, they will be parked single file and not be allowed to move until the rules meeting is let out. The single file line is your starting order, which means that the first person to check in will be the first person to leave once the rules meeting is done. There will be no limit on the number of people allowed in each boat as long as the number of persons and/or weight does not exceed the boats US Coast Guard rating. Each person must wear a life preserver in the boat while traveling at speeds above normal trolling speeds of 2-3 mph. All boats must be equipped to meet MN DNR Regulations. All boats and trailers must have current MN registration or they will not be allowed to be used in the tournament. There is a 15mph speed limit in force for the entire length of the tournament. This will be enforced!! A no-wake zone will be imposed any time meeting or passing another boat and around public landings.

All MN DNR slot limits apply for this tournament. Contestants will only be allowed to weigh one fish per category. Contestants may not, in any case, take more than two fish of the same species into possession. Once a fish has been kept it may not be released. No sorting is allowed. There will be a 12 inch minimum size required for Walleyes and an 18 inch minimum size for Northerns. No Crappies allowed! In the event of a tie, the higher position will be awarded to the fish weighed in first. Tournament ends at 5pm. If you are not checked in line, waiting to weigh your fish, you will be disqualified. Weigh in begins at 3:00 pm at the Huck Olson Arena. Prizes and raffles will be awarded immediately following the weigh in. Hotdogs and chips will be for sale during and after weigh in. The general public is encouraged to stop by and enjoy the weigh in.

This is an alcohol free event. Anyone found littering or trespassing will be disqualified and turned over to the proper authorities. Also anyone found breaking the law in any form during the tournament will be disqualified and turned over to the proper authorities. Examples are speeding, reckless driving, etc. This is a kill tournament, any person found to waste or litter fish will be disqualified and prosecuted by the MN DNR. After weigh in, you are responsible for your own fish.

The TRF Lions Club is not responsible for any accidents, lost or damaged property before, during, and after the event.